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This is one perfect reason why I love snakes.

I mean, look at this derp.


Wh— snake why
wait, HOW
Someone please explain! crispysnakes alltailnolegs ?

This is not cute or funny. The snake is not ‘being a derp’. This is a medical issue.

I’d need to check her out personally (or have a vet check her over) to see exactly what’s going on, but on first pass it looks like something has blocked her nasal passage and the air has separated the skin from the face. I know that sometimes when chondros rip a hole in their lungs from deep RI then air can accumulate in the face like this too.

The only way this would be cute is if that’s actually shed she’s blowing into I guess?



She was posted in my bp group. She was shedding and the shed blocked her nose. The owner helped her out after the video.

There you go.

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ketamine-affliction said: That GTP almost looks like one of those incredibly dark ones from the HarvestXSidious pairing, I’m not well versed on GTPs but it sprung to mind

Crazy designer pairings seem to throw exceptionally dark babies and people tend to think the darker the beb the more extreme an adult it’ll be. Vayu’s coming from the same breeder as the HarvestxSidious pairing. A photo of the parents (obviously not my photo):

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spartadog asked: To your previous questioner, that boa is definitely just a nice Suriname, not a morph. In fact I don't know of anyone morph breeding BCCs because their natural colors are so beautiful. The morphs are usually BCI-only.




Well, I think the reason for the lack of morphs in BCCs isn’t so much that people aren’t trying to breed for them but more because they just don’t exist yet. To my knowledge, the only way you’d be able to introduce morphs into the BCC gene pool is if you hybridize them with BCI and people generally don’t do that because it wouldn’t really be a BCC anymore. :u

Yeah, outside of the hyperpigmented Pucallpas that popped up a few years back there’s no pure BCC morphs to be had at this time.  There is/was a pure albino Suriname out there, I think it’s in VPI’s possession, but the project hasn’t gone anywhere to date (rumors were that it died).    

There are more intergrade hybrids around than people think, though.

The Kahl Groovy Coral line was founded with BCI X BCC stock.


The Roswell boa project has BCC blood:


Mike over at Basically Boas had some BCC blood in a 2013 litter of sharp albino jungles:


Hypo BCC crosses and crosses het for various genes pop up in the classifieds every now and again.  

"Common Boa" is often nowhere near pure BCI. When the first boas were brought into the pet industry no one really got the difference between BCC and BCI so most if not all were mudbloods.

That’s why you sometimes get commons which grow HUGE and others that stay very small. There’s a HUGE range of mutts out there. Of course “Everyone is working with pure locality” buuuuut are they really?

Mostly not.

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