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A little update on Sunny: still trucking along like a little trooper! The big news of the day is that he just finished a perfect first shed, so soon it’ll be time to try his last hurdle, feeding.

I’m also really happy with how his stomach is closing up. I went to go screenshot the moment I became alarmed in the livestream, and the final straw that had me cut him free of the yolk- not only was his abdominal wall opening HUGE, but whenever he moved a certain way it would distend terribly away from his body as the cord pulled on it. I’ve heard horror stories where the stomach opening is like this and the baby ends up spilling itself out and dying, so… yeah. It was time to intervene again.

Another photo from a couple days after snipping him loose where the hole had already begun to dramatically close, and one from how he is today!

So proud of this little runtasaurus.

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